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Web Casinos in Malaysia

Web Casinos in Malaysia

In Malaysia there are no lawful online gambling clubs. In spite of the fact that the Genting Group offer Internet clubhouse, Malaysian players don’t approach it. Other online gambling clubs which were built up in Malaysia are illicit. Players which need to appreciate online club utilize the offer of the abroad ones, which are accessible in Malaysia, and despite the fact that the administration is against it, it doesn’t make any extreme moves to completely boycott betting on the web. Players are not frightened off by the reality, that banks limit exchanges to and from sites offering betting on the web. It isn’t entirely implemented, that is the reason malaysian players utilize administrations of abroad clubhouse which are accessible to them in English, monetary standards incorporates American dollar and Malaysian ringgit. 918kiss malaysia

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

An incredibly exciting, friendly and total entertainment experience, practically in your own backyard! Welcome to Hollywood!

It starts with 2,500 of the hottest slots. That’s more machines than you’ll find in many Las Vegas casinos. Besides having all your favorite games and denominations, we’ve got a high limit area where you can experience big time jackpots on $5, $10, $25 and even $100 machines!

The excitement doesn’t end there. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races features Las Vegas style action with live blackjack, craps, roulette and more! Plus, we’ve got live poker in our spacious poker room.

Get up close and personal with the stars at the Hollywood Event Center, featuring national music and comedy acts like Merle Haggard, Grand Funk Railroad and Ron White, in an exquisite, comfortable setting.

Source: Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

Hollywood Casino Perryville Online Casino

Hollywood Casino Perryville Online Casino

Las Vegas Style Gaming Excitement in a Friendly Neighborhood Atmosphere!


Hollywood Casino Perryville is proud to be the very first gaming facility open in the state of Maryland. And since making our debut in September 2010, our dedicated team continues to deliver exciting gaming action, great dining, fabulous entertainment and a touch of the Hollywood experience in a friendly atmosphere that has kept our guests coming back again and again.


With more than 800 of the newest and most popular video and reel slots, we’r More: Hollywood Casino Perryville

Gambling and billiards go hand in hand

Gambling and billiards go hand in hand

But there is a reason why many pool billiards find themselves having to gamble …

When talking about billiards, especially in Anglo-American films a few decades ago, inevitably comes to talk about gambling.

The combined gambling-billiards is winning primarily in the UK where, for example, Betfair is sponsoring the Sheffield World Championships.

Probably, among the most famous billiard players with the gambling vice, the best-known is Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, who can waste a fortune playing horses (and not only).

Another prominent professional, Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White, Higgins’ great friend, suffered from compulsive gambling and ended up in the green in the nineties, succeeding in finding his balance when his career had gone by.

Both Higgins and White were among the strongest billiard players in the world, capable of winning the most important trophies.

But their pockets went away fast. And what about Willie Thorne, who for all her career fought against her addiction to gambling, up to the suicide attempt in 2017, after losing everything.

Coming to the latest times, another bankruptcy player is Silvino Francisco, who has now stopped playing and working in a restaurant. Even Mark King, able to accumulate £ 100,000 in gambling debts in a short time, has recently come out: “I found myself in a situation where I was even thinking of doing a robbery to find the money to play. I was I: I’m not like that. “

However, in these cases we talk about billiard professionals who could hardly break through.

Also because the world of professional billiards is not at all rich, as Judd Trup explains, the star of the billiard: “It’s embarrassing, you do not get any money, look at the average gains of the top 32 players: if you’re in the top 32 gains about £ 30,000 And you have to keep in mind that there are 5 tournaments in China, at least you spend 20,000 a year on travel only, then there are hotels, gas, food and lodging. “

Logically, then, someone, make you want to round up. Maybe gambling.

The best Italian billiards players

In Italy no billiard players are reported with the game’s vice, although this does not mean they are not there. Among the strongest in history, we mention Angelo Bellocchio, able to win a European championship in 1993; Gianni Bombardi, Italian champion in 1998 and 2004; Fabrizio Borroni, European junior champion in 1990 and even a world champion in 1998; And finally Carlo Cifalà, world champion in 1987 and bi-European Champion in 1986 and 1988.

Casino of Sanremo, winning weekend

Casino of Sanremo, winning weekend

Four slot machine jackpots worth over 10,000 euros each.

They will not be the brightest times for the Casino of Sanremo , but the City of Flowers games room continues to give emotions and especially winnings to its fans. The last week was particularly profitable, with a series of five-zeros winnings that have brought in over $ 50,000 in prizes to some lucky players.

Absolute protagonists were the slot machines , with four jackpots that in total gave off the beauty of 52,300 euros. The dances opened with an amateur Texas Hold’em player, who came from Genoa to spend a few days relaxing and playing. And he did well, given slot number 1639 gave him a real scale of paintings and a nice check out of 10.00 euros.

The highest prize was given by slot machine number 1591 and ended in the pockets of a Torino player: 13,322 euros. The woman had gone to Sanremo with her friends, taking advantage of the good weather that has plucked Italy this weekend: after a morning in the sun, the Piedmontese made a hut at the Casino of Sanremo and in addition to take home a nice He was able to meet some vipers, including Paolo Bonolis.

In a kind of continuous escalation, the record of the day was refitted shortly after by a car that gave a lady of Imperia a figure of 13,843. Shortly after the slot machine number 1547, the prize of € 15,135 (the highest on the weekend) ended in the hands of a Bergamo player.

The last weekend therefore confirmed the beginning of the year, at least as far as slot machines , particularly prolific. In total, prize-giving premiums almost reached 6.6 million euros (6,598,780 for accuracy) and currently there are still 35 jackpots available for a value of nearly 780,000 euros. The highest prize pool belongs to Star Wars slot machines and goes over 124,000 euros.

We will overcome the crisis

Despite the economic crisis that hit our country (but a bit around the world), the Sanremo Casino is really doing its best to push forward. Already in the last months of the year some improvement has been seen, although the route has just begun and it may take a long time before leaving the tunnel.

In any case, the program is medium to long term. The City of Flowers’ playroom management is looking forward to seeing the first concrete results starting next year, hoping that 2015 will be the real boost.

The Champion Casino becomes the Town Hall

The Champion Casino becomes the Town Hall

At the end of a long process, Sample Italia becomes a unique partner of the game house.

Like Venice, Sanremo and Saint Vincent. In the near future, the Italian Champion Casino will become the exclusive property of the common homeland, as is already the case for the other three Italian gambling halls .

The provinces of Como, Lecco and Varese, along with the Chambers of Commerce of the first two capitals, are to be defined.

The announcement was made by Marita Piccaluga, Mayor of Campione d’Italia, who stated that all the documentation had already been sent to the Ministry of the Interior, whose response is expected by July.

The new company will have a share capital of 120,000 euros, many of them considered too low. Piccaluga explained this decision as forced by the technical times, admitting that this is an insufficient figure, but adding that, if necessary, it can be quietly increased.

This process will help even more in the champion casinos, allowing the game room to save a good slice of those 49 million euros annually, which currently has to contract to the Champion City.

According to Piccaluga, in fact, the figure could drop by about one third, amounting to 33.3 million euros. Moreover, this change will help streamline the bureaucratic operations that often end up costing, in addition to time, additional money.

When the municipality becomes the sole member of the casino, the administration system will also be changed.

The Council will disappear, with the powers that will end in the hands of the current managing director, Carlo Pagan, who will become the sole administrator. Pagan is one of the main architects of the Italian casinos’ recovery in Swiss territory, which is currently recording excellent results.

Such as the attendance record for a live poker tournament in Europe, with 2,492 players who participated in the Italian Poker Open a few weeks ago, or the European Championships of the Croupier, which took place a few days ago and won by an Italian dealer . After years of darkness, the Italian Champion Casino finally begins to see the light.

Sample recovery

Although all four Italian casinos are still suffering from the economic crisis, which began in 2008, some have been able to respond better and before others. One of these is certainly the Casino of Campione d’Italia, which despite a thousand difficulties has managed to gain market share especially for Venice – which remains the leading casino in Italy – but also of Saint Vincent and Sanremo.

A trend that could be further strengthened once the passage in the hands of the Commune has been completed, which will have the ability to move with greater margin, as the sole administrator Carlo Pagan.

Phil Ivey vs. Crockford: The Battle Continues in Court

Phil Ivey vs. Crockford: The Battle Continues in Court

The battle between the US pro and the London Casino flickers. The Crockfords refuses to pay the huge winnings Ivey won a year ago, accusing him of treating

It was last August when Phil Ivey went to the Crockfords Casino in London to win the beauty of £ 7.3 million ($ 12 million) in just two nights.

The game in question was a high stake stake in Punto Banco. The US professional, who was accompanied by an eastern girl at the time, had started playing £ 50,000 hands and then climbed up to 150,000.

After a ‘small’ passive of about half a million, Ivey plunged a winning series that allowed him to cash in with about 10 million euros. At that point, an agreement was reached with the Casino that would have to pay the entire sum on the American account. The Crockfords, however, paid only one million pounds, a figure equal to the amount played by Ivey.

The London Casino’s motivation is about the alleged ‘illegal’ manner that Ivey would have managed to win.

Also charged is the presence of the Asian girl sitting alongside her, who had already had problems with this type with other Crockfords Casino.

“We will see in the Tribunal”

After nearly a year, the US pro has decided to take legal action against the British Casino, which currently has no intention of paying the full sum won last August.

Ivey explains his choice: ” The Crockfords did not leave me any choice, after deciding to hold my winnings I was forced to go legal. I have a lot of respect for the casinos and mine was not an easy choice. In these years I have won and lost substantial sums at the Crockfords and I have always honored my commitments. At the time, I was given a receipt for my winnings, but the Crockfords kept the payment . “

The Crockfords reacted promptly announcing that they started preparing for their defense. According to the casinos’ lawyers, the cards used during the game did not have a uniform back and this would allow Ivey to recognize the value.

Willy Allison, an expert in gaming surveillance, explained: ” Turning 180 degrees asymmetric paper, it is possible to identify the value of it before it is revealed. Simply just take a look at the corners of the back of the paper. In essence, playing a round has the same effect as scoring the cards and gives players a huge benefit on the bench . “

According to Crockfords’ management, the girl sitting next to Ivey would convince the croupier not to destroy the deck at the end of the game so that they could use it again.

An unfortunate event for Poker Tiger Woods.

Now, it will be necessary to understand if the cards used were actually made, and especially if they could be recognized by Ivey’s eye or whether the presence of the Asian girl, which was not new to this kind of ‘tricks’, was really crucial.

Sanremo and Champion grow in 2017

Sanremo and Champion grow in 2017

After a dark 2017, the Italian gambling houses begin to recover. May is the best month, but the annual budget is still in the loss

The casinos of Sanremo and Campione d’Italia seem to come back to see the light. The two gaming halls are experiencing consistent growth in revenue from the previous year.

In 2012, according to Federigo, the four Italian casinos have sold 332 million, down 18% compared to 2011.

The origins of this collapse are numerous and range from online casino competition to Italian law, which is capable of penalizing over-gambling houses more than foreign ones, all over the economic crisis that hit our country.

Undoubtedly, the biggest problem that has hit the Italian gaming system has been caused by anti-money laundering rules: by now it is impossible to change more than a thousand euro cash into gaming chips, as opposed to what the European rules allow to raise the limit up To 7.500 euros.

This has left the Italians out of our casinos for fear of being subjected to revenue agency controls, pushing them into gambling rooms just outside our borders.

In addition, the drop in turnover has led to the loss of dozens of jobs, so that in Campione and Sanremo employees have decided to lower their salaries provided they cut all the costs and unnecessary costs. Even Venice and Saint Vincent are studying similar methods to recover the situation.

A glimmer of hope

May shooting . Despite the many bad notes of the last year, the situation seems to be geared towards the path of improvement. In May, Sanremo raised 3,339,965 euros, bringing down 14% on an annual basis, against 16% in April and even 22% in January.

According to data provided by Marco Cambiaso, casino administrator, traditional games have raised 973,069 euros (+ 6%), while slots have recorded revenue of 2,420,896 euros: ” The numbers are rewarding the company’s effort . A great teamwork that sees, despite the difficulties of the moment, positively involved all the employees, whom we thank . “

Even better numbers for Champion, who in the last month raised 8.530.000 euros (+ 22.2% compared to May 2012). The most substantial growth occurred in the table segment, which grew 71% more than a year ago. Positive also other sectors, such as slots that have improved by 3.6%, and inputs increased by 2.7%.

Managing Director Carlo Pagan, thanking his workers for the sacrifices made during this period, explained : ” We must recognize that in a difficult situation like this, with the firm-based solidarity contract (reduced time for all) the company Is reacting with commitment and the result is counter-tendency to the point that the achievement of Italian leadership, at least at the level of a single segment, seems unattainable . “